Committed to the Cause



Founder / President

I know what it’s like to go without it, and have people turn their back on you. If I could just assist communities with the basic necessities to thrive, we can give them hope to keep striving. I just want them to know that someone cares. Someone loves them, and that they are important


Tangh Washington


Life happens. I am grateful that I am in a position to be able to help someone else. By no means, do I take the things I have for granted, It is a blessing to be able to pay it forward.


Chairman of the Board

Coming from the streets of Chicago and being raised by a single mother I know what it feels like to have two strikes against you in life. So I said to myself whenever I had the opportunity in life to give back and be a blessing to others i would do so without hesitation. DOING GOOD IN THE HOOD is the blueprint to the moral belief of being our brothers and sisters keeper and I’m glad to be apart of this with like minded individuals....

Life takes you through many different cycles. With that being said I have been a position to where all I needed was a helping hand while raising my two children. They have stood in food lines with me gone from church to church getting toiletries. So I’m very emphatic to anyone who is in need for whatever reason especially mothers with children. DGITH is the perfect organization for me to be involved in. It’s for the people by the people. “We are our brothers and sisters keeper”





Growing up I was fortunate enough to have a hot meal and clothes on my back. Something I never took for granted. Working with DGITH has been just as rewarding to me as it is to the communities we serve. I’m grateful to be able to help those in need and see the smiles on their faces. DGITH keeps me humble to know that one day I too could be in a place of need and grateful this organization exits we’re not just an organization, but a family.